Krügersdorf: first run of the German championship

On June 19th and 20th2021, the first run of the German tent-pegging championship took place in Krügersdorf, Brandenburg. The team competition was won by the team Oder Spree Tentpegger 1 (OST) followed by Tentpegging Germany (TPG). Christian Dietzel won gold in the individual competition and J. Drobek won silver (both TPG). The bronze medal went to Angela Breme (OST). In September, the second leg of the German championship will take place in Crawinkel, Thüringen. It will determine the starting order for international tournaments and the new German champion.

Krügersdorf: erster Lauf der Deutschen Meisterschaft

Am 19. und 20. Juni 2021 fand im brandenburgischen Krügersdorf der erste Lauf der Deutschen Meisterschaft im Tent Pegging statt. In der Teamwertung holte die Mannschaft Oder Spree Tentpegger 1 (OST) die Goldmedaille gefolgt von der Mannschaft Tentpegging Germany (TPG). In der Einzelwertung errang Christian Dietzel Gold und J. Drobek Silber (beide TPG). Die Bronzemedaille ging an Angela Breme (OST). Im September findet im thüringischen Crawinkel der zweite Lauf der Deutschen Meisterschaft statt, bei dem die Startreihenfolge für internationale Turniere und der deutsche Meister festgestellt werden.

September 10th-12th German Tent Pegging Championship in Crawinkel

The competition between German athletes in sword and lance riding will decide the order for international competition.

For the first time since the start of the global pandemic, the German tent-pegging riders have the chance to participate in the classic final run of the German championships in Crawinkel from September 10th-12th. The event has been taking place there since 2016. During this tournament, the German champion will be crowned and the starting order for international tournaments decided.

International tradition in Crawinkel
Unlike the last years, the competition will take place as a national tournament because of the travel restrictions in place due to the current pandemic. Previously, national teams from South Africa, Australia, Great Britain and riders from many other countries competed in Crawinkel.

The best German tent peggers are competing
Five German teams entered the tournament. Once again, participants have to compete in eight different disciplines according to the international regulations set by the world federation ITPF. This includes lance at a target on the ground as an individual or section, sword at a target on the ground as an individual or section, sword and lance at a target on the ground in single file and as a pair (half section ), lance at an overhead ring (ring and peg), sword at an overhead apple (lemon and peg).

Outside and easy to attend
The tournament takes place on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning at the Thürengeti. The event observes all local corona regulations. The host Tentpegging Germany (TPG) once again thanks the director of the facility Heinz Bley and the German Cavalry Association lead by Peter Lachenmayer for their great support that allows TPG to run the championship. The event is expected to attract a great amount of spectators, having thrilled and astounded around 4,000 guests in previous years.