Four international tournaments took place in spring 2023 – in Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan and Oman. Here national teams could qualify for the 2023 Tent Pegging World Championships in South Africa.

The German team competing in Muscat, Oman from March 4th to 8th was: Christian Dietzel (TPG), Ute Hermann (OST), Talina Lorei (TPG) and Anna Schmidt-Pauly (TPG). Spare riders were Angela Breme and Steffen Kukral (both OST).

As expected, no European team was able to prevail against the strong Arabian squads, consisting mainly of full-time riders, and none could qualify for the World Championships. In an intra-European comparison, the rankings were as follows.


European solo ranking:

  1. Christian Dietzel, Germany (106 points)
  2. Mamoon Akram, Norway (103.5)
  3. Zubair Akram, Norway (93.5)
  4. Marie Bakke, Norway (91)
  5. Talina Lorei, Germany (89.5)
  6. James Harvey, Great Britain (85)
  7. Ihor Psetskia, Belarus (80)
  8. Ute Hermann, Germany (78)
  9. Anna Schmidt-Pauly, Germany (74)
  10. Silje Botten, Norway (68)
  11. Richar Raffel, Great Britain (66)
  12. Mikolay Plotnitskiy, Belarus (58)
  13. Charlie Gerrish, Great Britain (44.5)
  14. Sam Benterman-Snell, Great Britain (42)
  15. Ksenia Pesetkoya, Belarus (30)

European team ranking:

  1. Norway (347.5 points)
  2. Germany (343.5)
  3. Great Britain (237.5)
  4. Belarus (154, currently not a member of ETPA)