On August 5th and 6th, the second leg of the German Tent Pegging Championship took place in Krügersdorf, Brandenburg. The international rules of the world association ITPF were applied in the tournament. During this, the starting order of the German team for the following international competitions was determined. The team Tentpegging Germany won this year’s German Championship, both in individual and team ranking.
(photos: Jasper Holzapfel)

ranking individual:

  1. Christian Dietzel, TPG, 102,5
  2. Steffen Kukral, OST, 98,5
  3. Katja Wilczek, OST, 85
  4. Anna Schmidt-Pauly, TPG, 76
  5. Aileen Froitzheim, TPG, 75,5
  6. Jason Drobek, TPG, 74,5
  7. Christiane Aust, OST, 56,5
  8. Ute Hermann, OST, 55
  9. Kim Möbus, TPG, 42
  10. Sophia Meinelt, OST, 25

ranking teams:

  1. Tentpegging Germany (TPG), 242
  2. Oder Spree Tentpegger I (OST), 230
  3. Oder Spree Tentpegger II, 63