Six riders from the German Tent Pegging Union took part in the South African Tent Pegging Competitions from 24th September to 6th October 2018 in Newcastle, South Africa.

At the beginning of their trip, from 24th to 30th September, the German team stayed at the German-South African training camp in Kimberley, South Africa. Afterwards, they travelled to Newcastle, South Africa, to participate in the most important South African tent pegging tournament. Like in India or Pakistan, tent pegging is one of the major national sports in South Africa. Accordingly, over 100 riders, among them the German and Saudi Arabian national teams, participated in the competition. All tent pegging disciplines were ridden. Objects on the ground pierced with lance or sword, the disciplines Ring Ring Peg and Orange Orange Peg ridden, as well as the great parcours Skill at Arms. Participating members of the German team were: Angela Breme (114.5 points), Christian Dietzel (114 points), Magdalena Grimm (79 points), Peter Kramer (118.5 points), Selina Ruf (81.5 points) and Anna Schmidt-Pauly (134 points). The tournament, which lasted over several days, was also used as a qualification for the South African women’s and men’s national team for 2019.

The German guests were welcomed very friendly and comradely by the South African riders. The South African teams are looking forward to a participation in a German Championship 2019.