28th to 30th June: International Tent Pegging Tournament in Krügersdorf – German Tent Pegging Union very successful

On the occasion of the 650-years celebrations of Krügersdorf in Brandenburg, a tent pegging tournament saw six teams with a total of 24 riders compete with each other. Special guest of the tournament: former world champion South Africa.

 On the last weekend of June 2019, an international tent pegging tournament organized by the Oder Spree -Tent Peggers was held under a blistering 40 degrees and bright blue skies. The contest took place on the occasion of the 650-years celebrations of the village Krügersdorf. The participating teams of the modern tournament sport were the former world champions from South Africa, a team from Norway, the German national teams I and II of the German Tent Pegging Union, a United Nations team with riders from South Africa, the Netherlands, Uruguay and Germany, as well as the guest team – non-competitive – Agsima.

Competition in two parts

The tournament was split into two separate parts, consisting of 3 teams each. The first part was the “international tournament” with the teams South Africa, Norway and Germany I. The second part was the “guest tournament” with the teams United Nations, Germany II and Agsima. Here the results:


I. Tournament as a whole

Team results

  1. South Africa (414)
  2. Germany II (392)
  3. Germany I (356)
  4. United Nations (318)
  5. Norway (302)
  6. Agsima (242)

Individual results positions 1-10

1. Cecilia van Niekerk, South Africa (144)
2. Magdalena Grimm, Germany, and Hannelie Heckroodt, South Africa (128)
4. Dalene Baksa, South Africa (120)
5. Angela Breme, Germany (114)
6. Zubair Akram, Norway (110)
7. Ute Herman and Anna Schmidt-Pauly, both Germany (104)
9. Jason Drobek, Germany, and Arne van Wageningen, Netherlands (96)


II. International Tournament

Team results

  1. South Africa, Hannelie Heckroodt, Dalene Baksa, Monika Cronje, Suritha Venter (414)
  2. Germany I, Angela Breme, Steffen Kukral, Christian Dietzel, Anna Schmidt-Pauly (356)
  3. Norway, Zubair Akram, Line H. Eide Flaten, Silje Botten, Mamoon Gondal (302)

Individual results

  1. Hannelie Heckroodt, South Africa (128)
  2. Dalene Baksa, South Africa (120)
  3. Angela Breme, Germany (114)


III. Guest Tournament

Team results

  1. Germany II, Jason Drobek, Lea Frings, Magdalena Grimm, Ute Herman (392)
  2. United Nations, Arne van Wageningen, Cecilia van Niekerk, Nacho Morteiro, Jessy Greiner (318)
  3. Agsima, Benno Rochow, Daja Ziehfuss, Markus Scholle-Ziehfuss, Lea Oppelt (242)

Individual results

  1. Cecilia van Niekerk, United Nations (144)
  2. Magdalena Grimm, Germany II (128)
  3. Ute Herman, Germany II (104