From 13 to 15 September, German tent pegging riders have the possibility to compete against the Australian national teamat Crawinkel/Thuringia – for the first time. The open tournament welcomes interested riders to compete as well.

Tent pegging: With roots in the historical cavalry, this modern tournament sport requires high focus, a secure seat on horseback, good coordination between hands and eyes and of course, a strong connection between horse and rider. The sport is especially popular in the countries it originated from, India and Pakistan, as well as in the Arabic countries and Commonwealth nations. Over the last years however, it gained popularity in Europe, too.

Australian national team and European teams

The internationally successful team Tentpegging Germany already hosts the fourth championships. The contestants are going to compete against each other in different events. 4,000 spectators were thrilled by last year’s installment of the tournament in the Thüringeti already – just as many are expected to visit this year. For the first time, the Australian national team is visiting and participating in the championships. In addition to the aforementioned riders from Australia and Germany, many other states are sending their national team to the tournament as well. Expected are teams from Great Britain, Poland, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Open tournament: to the registration

You will find further information on the Tent pegging tournament at Crawinkel, as well as information on the registration process and the Championships of the cavalry, which take place simultaneously, here:


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