The German Tent Pegging Union campaigns for the equestrian sport of tent pegging and its active riders.

Speed, strength and precision characterise this martial sport. Equestrians ride at a full gallop, weapon in hand, with a close eye on the target. Even though tent pegging is not a mass sport, it is practised in many parts of the world. In some countries, its tradition is centuries old. It cannot be stated clearly when and where the sport first appeared, but it is estimated to have been practised since the fourth century A.D.

In tent pegging, the goal for the rider is to spear a peg about the size of a cigarette box with a lance or a sabre/sword. There are many variations of this practise and the rules often vary between countries. Ideally, the target is speared and picked up from the ground; carved or hit pegs are not counted fully. In some cases, the target is on the same level as the equestrian, like hung-up lemons which must be cut in halves or rings set to be hit and taken away. There is also an international set of rules which is applied during the Tent Pegging World Cup. The International Tent Pegging Federation (ITPF) [Link] has been holding this event biannually since 2014.

Originally tent pegging was exercised by the cavalry, especially in the states of the Commonwealth. Accordingly, it is quite popular in those countries, as well as in the Arabic nations and in Asia, where it probably originated. It is historically unknown if those exercises where practised to train the overall dexterity of the soldier or if they were bound to a concrete purpose. It is assumed that the equestrians exercised pulling out tent pegs, so their enemies’ tents would collapse at dawn. The name „tent pegging“ is based on this assumption.

Members of the German Tent Pegging Union

The members of the German Tent Pegging Union are Tentpegging Germany, established in 2013, and the German Tentpegging Association, established in 2017. Stay informed about the activities of both clubs via the links below:



As presidents of the German Tent Pegging Union, Steffen Kukral and Christian Dietzel represent the German riders towards the world association ITPF and advocate the interests of the German Tent Pegging Union’s members internationally. The German Tent Pegging Union was established to promote the sport in Germany and elsewhere. Both presidents pursue this mission with personal commitment. Get in contact with them via the following email address:

Steffen Kukral

German Tent Pegging Union

Christian Dietzel

Christian Dietzel

German Tent Pegging Union